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About OKWINE school

Our own sommelier school was an important step in the company's development. This is the place where the craziest ideas, thoughts and opportunities for the continuous growth of our team are embodied.

All OKWINE and Wine Hunters staff are inspired by leading industry experts and members of the Ukrainian Sommelier Association. Hours of lectures, crazy tastings of 20 samples, blind test of receptors, search for the perfect gastronomic couple. We all have a lot passion for what we're doing, all the time we're in the process of development, study and experimentation. That's how OKWINE and Wine Hunters quality service was born.

specialized programs of various levels
certified sommeliers
as a result - the best professional team


Valeriy Netecha

Head of OKWINE School,lecturer, sommelier, more than 15 years in alco market, and also...
Tasted 180 thousand bottles - this is such a personal example

Kateryna Spasichenko

OKWINE School lecturer,brand ambassador of Wine Hunters company,a sommelier with 10 years of experience, as well as the founder of the wine community "Wine Lovers"

Trainings with our partners and brand ambassadors

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