This is a Century-Long Story...

about Heretic - best herbs liqueur in the world in 2021

About the brand

Wine Hunters hunted a special one among spirits, so that there would be more fans of this Spanish and absolutely amazing liqueur in Ukraine. Here is a story about the best herbal liqueur of the last decade, where its name comes from, and what it means.
In the middle of the 19th century, in the depths of the beautiful Pyrenees mountains, on the top of one of the cliffs, lived a mysterious man named Jean Teichenné. He was an alchemist and potions master, and his knowledge was beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Collecting and selecting the best herbs and plants from the meadows, valleys and mountains throughout Ariège, he created a magical formula that was believed to have special properties.


Marc Teichenné has recovered the old formula which was kept secret inside the family, being passed down for generations.It has been awarded with gold medals and recognized best herbs liqueur in the world by the IWSC 2021, Franfurt International Trophy 2022 and Concours International de Lyon.
70c. /// 33%Vol ///

Godlike Spirit

The man created Heretic, a liquor he called "Godlike Spirit." Having become a legend among the inhabitants of the Pyrenees, the formula of his unsurpassed liqueur has been kept as a family secret for many generations, and now it has been restored by the actual owner of the company - Marc Teichenne, Jean's great-grandson.

The name of this liqueur is dedicated to all who dared to oppose the cruelty and fanatism of the established powers, as it had happened within the roman empire twelve centuries earlier. The ones that were called HERETICs, the martyrs of his beloved land and its legacy of rebellion.

Production secrets

Master alchemist

HERETIC is elaborated with 36 selected botanicals, of which only 10 of them are known. The remaining 26 are totally secret.
Travelling with his father to the most remote areas of this Occitanian land, the one where the cathars roamed; through the oldest villages he collected information in order toassemble the best herbs and botanicals, to produce a unique liqueur, which would be a reflection of the wild beauty of the Ariège.
Tilia Cordara
Rosmarinus officinalis
Matricaria recutita
Lavandula angustifolia
Olea europea
Mentha piperita
Juniperus communis
Gentiana lutea
Coriandrum sativum
Citrus medical


Marc Teichenné has recovered the old formula which was kept secret inside the family, being passed down for generations. Now he is an actual company owner, grand grand son of Jean, the youngster with a dream that has lasted, that lives on.
Iter cum patre ad ultimas regiones istius Occitaniae terrae, una ubi catharii vagabantur; per villas vetustissimas informationes collegit ad optimas herbas et botanicas congregandas, ad producendum liquorem singularem, qui esset repercussio silvestris pulchritudinis Ariège.
The selected botanicals are added to the distillation still in the previously established proportions and in different distillation groups based on the botanicals selected. These botanicals are macerated for 24-48 hours with an hydroalcoholic mixture of approximately 50% vol.
After this maceration time,
the hydroalcoholic mixture, which
has acted as a solvent, has extracted all the essential properties from the botanicals (colour, aroma and chemical compounds, if applicable).
The maceration obtained (hydroalcoholic mixture at 50% vol.) is then distilled in a copper still. During the distillation process the product obtained is separated into three different distillate fractions (heads, bodies and tails).
In the process of making HERETIC liqueur we only use the distillate fraction which we call the body of the distillate or good product. T his distillate fraction is the part that contains the best quality of the distillate and the one we use to produce HERETIC herbal liqueur.
The different herbal distillates obtained have an alcoholic strength between 70 – 75 %Vol.



The nose is very complex and well structured. HERET IC subtly integrates aromas of herbs, citrus fruits, spices and roots. All of these combine perfectly with light nuances of anise.


Dark mahogany colour. Bright and crystalline.
Drag left or right to control the position.


Fine and delicate. Silky in the mouth. It goes perfectly with sweet and bitter nuances.


Great by shots and suitable for blending.
2-7 °С


Heretic goes perfectly in a chilled shot, but here are more interesting variations for you
Heretic Coffee:

Heretic Coffee:

  • 20 ml Heretic
  • 30 ml espresso coffee
Add both ingredients and stir to mix the herbal components of the product.
Heretic on the Rocks:

Heretic on the Rocks:

  • 80 ml Heretic
  • ice cubes
Serve straight in a previously chilled old fashioned glass without diluting the water too much and thus feel the soul of our liqueur, revealing all its herbaceous, citric, spicy, sweet and dry nuances.
Heretic Beer:

Heretic Beer:

  • 50 ml Heretic
  • 100 ml Black beer
Built in glass cocktail.


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