WH roadshow for HoReCa

WH roadshow for HoReCa

WH ROADSHOW is one of the most favorite formats of our team! We go to different cities, share our experience and gather those who are not afraid to break stereotypes with us and discover something new!

This time we started from Lutsk, so we thank our regional hunters Kostyantyn Zatula and Volodymyr Temchenko for two exciting days of training for HoReCa! More than 40 positions and you. Special thanks to Cafe de Vino for the cozy location!

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We don't just hunt for interesting brands and delicious drinks, we also teach to understand and feel them with every receptor. We continued our roadshow in Rivne city, where our hunters spent two intense days in amazing Saigon location.

We are incredibly happy that our pro community is growing and thank everyone who joined!


According to tradition, we  gathered all the best in one place, continuing in Vinnytsia. We not only tasted different wines, but also went far beyond the usual impressions. Port wine, brandy, rum, gin, wine, lots of wine - two days of delicious experiences. Happy when you find something new for yourself every time.

Special thanks to the Monterey gastrobar for the great location and our hunter-speaker Kostyantyn Zatula.

Lutsk, Rivne, Vinnytsia, and now Ivano-Frankivsk!

Headed to the next city to share our experience with our updated portfolio of wine and spirits brands. Infinitely grateful for the inspiring discussions and the sincerity with which you shared your impressions. After all, each of you brought something different, adding to our event a special classiness.

Special thanks to Arthur Burns location. To be continued!

We are growing geographically, expanding our pro-community and our dream team as well!

We share memories from the tasting in Dnipro at the Varburger bar and thank our sommelier Veronika Tsys for holding it. Each of your "wow", "delicious", "something really new" is the biggest motivation for us to find curiosities from all over the world, and most importantly - non typical and unique drinks in their category.

To be continued!

See you!

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