BE WINE International Wine Show 2023

BE WINE International Wine Show 2023

Just one word: LEGENDARY! Thousands of smiles, hugs, meetings with a glass of wine... And not only wine, but also liqueur, gin, rum, tequila or even a cocktails!

We are sure that even the most demanding connoisseur could find a drink to his taste at our stands.

We want to express our words of support and gratitude. In particular, to the BE WINE team for the organization of the highest level and the opportunity to join such a fantastic event for the second time! To the incredible team of Wine Hunters and OKWINE from all regions, who not only worked non-stop, consulting and discovering new tastes for guests, but also engaged in the organizational processes of the festival. You are titans, you are the best, you are the pride of the company and our absolute love! We would like to thank all our suppliers who decided to be a part of this great event!

So, once again, we thank everyone who was and spent these enchanting 2 days with us: as a guest, speaker, employee or organizer. And how it was, let's remember together!

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12 Wine Hunters stands, more than 35 brands, OKWINE bar with incredible cocktails and Wine Hunters Bar with food pairing - it seems that we surprised ourselves this year.

We are sure that you remember our wines and new unique spirits, but we will remind you about the best part.


Luigi Bosca, Berton Vineyards, Ravasqueira, EPC Champagne, Poggio le Volpi, Masca del Tacco, Bodegas San Valero, Mylonas, Lucien Albrecht, Maynard's, Seifried Family, Martin Codax, The Wine People, Mezzacorona, Bosio Family Estates, Tenuta Ulisse, Tasca d'Almerita, Barahonda, Villa Sandi, Gerard Bertrand,

Uggiano, Pierre Chavin, Dal Cero, Marsuret.


Heretic, Dead Man's Fingers, Berkshire, Henri Mounier, La Fayette, El Tequileno

Langley's Gin, Seven Tails, Coquerel.

Food pairing:

Daily Dairy cheeses, Sana meat, Toscanibus, Barbero.

In addition to professional tastings, our team conducted 12 speed tastings during the two days of BE WINE. The conditions are more than extreme: limited timing - only 20 minutes per lecture, 3 best positions of the brand and dozens of people willing to get to the tasting. And also 6 incredible professional tastings with the participation of Vitaliy Kovach, Kateryna Spasichenko, Maria Revkova, Dmytro Saprykin, Oleksiy Dmitriev.

We thank each speaker, and you heard the thanks from the listeners with your own ears: sometimes the ovation was uncontrollable!

Cheers to Life, Cheers to Wine!

See you at BE WINE 2024!

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